Approach and Methodology

The Flying Manta approach is driven through a combination of experiential facilitation, coaching, mentoring and personal support that is firmly grounded in principles of Adult Experiential Learning, Neuroscience and Transformative Personal Inner Journey Processes.

This creates a space within which the individual and / or team is encouraged to challenge themselves and their perceived limits, to create inspiring vision and goals, to explore inward and to stretch outward to discover enhanced, sustainable ways of being.

Traditional training or motivation is typically a once-off event that provides short-lived spikes in motivation and awareness that seldom last or are fully acted on to make it sustainable.

Truly sustainable shift, learning, and authentic transformation lies in the stretch and commitment to the journey, and the time needed for repeating of activity, and the energy it takes to form, embed and hardwire sustainable new habits.

As such, for genuine and measurable impact, translatable to ROI (Return on Investment), the approach centres on first identifying clear and SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) desired outcomes. Then a co-created ROE (Return on Experience) model unfolds, where experiential learning, expanded thinking and emotional, spiritual and social intelligence grow and drive Return on Investment.