The FlyingManta experience

The FlyingManta Mission is: Let’s co-design Who, What, and Where you want to Be next…

Manta Rays are masters of flight underwater, yet they are often seen breaching their familiar comfort zone, transcending into the unknown world above, where for a glorious moment they taste flight in air.

Through committed repetition they are strengthening and building the ability to achieve and maintain this new experience, stretching themselves further and higher each time, to eventually embed it as a permanent part of themselves.

Perhaps they are practicing for ultimately breaking free of flying only underwater, and evolving toward mastery of sustainable flight above the ocean, as they already have within it?

It is this metaphor of transcending through and beyond perceived limitations, towards something much greater than the current scenario, which underpins the Flying Manta Experience.

Our ethos and approach to transformation and development for Individuals, Leaders and Teams is Conscious Transcendence into new and sustained ways of ability and being.